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Madeira island Tours

One of the best recommended forms to plan your Madeira Excursions will definitely be through Madeira Island Tours. ou will be taken to see the dramatic beauty of Madeira Island. Tours, Excursions are done by Local guides and are organised in Small Groups to make them More Personalized with air-conditioned mini-buses which cater for 8 - 16 people. Madeira island Excursions, Tours or Island levada Walks are spoken in most European languages and offer a personal insight of the Madeira island, its costumes, its friendly people and the places to visit. The most popular island Tours being.

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Madeira island Walks

Madeira Island Walks or Hiking are one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the island. Levada Walks tours take you into the heart of the Madeira. Island far away from the noise and bustle of the city with a large variety of levada walks to choose from you can decide what type of Madeira Walk suits you best. All Island Tours and Levada Walks, supplied by a local Licenced tour operators and accompanied by a Qualified Madeira Guide.The course of the levadas (irrigation channels) can be followed, which crisscross the country side making this walks a perfect way to view the fantastic natural sights. Madeira Island Walks have divided the Levadas walks into 3 categories:

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Madeira Island Jeep Tours

Madeira Jeep Excursions, tours will take you to places that the average Madeiran or even visitors have never been able to see. Experience the off-road Madeira Safari tours in a Jeep and discover the beauty of Madeira Island. Madeira island Tours will take you to places that the average Madeiran or even visitors have never been able to see. The picturesque landscape of the island ,the lush Laurissilva forest.

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Whale and Dolphin Watching

Experience an unforgettable Whale and Dolphin Watching, tours, on the Madeira catamaran to see the sea life in clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean that baths Madeira Island that  Madeira Boat Trips, can organise for you

Enjoy the assortment of Madeira boat tours that are offered in Madeira Island all year round. Experience the coast, the marine life, and the depths of funchal seas, be amazed at the sight of dolphins and whales, or simply enjoy a madeira boat tour in order to explore other areas along the south coast of Madeira Island. Choose the boat trips and tours that best fit your interests

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Typical Madeira Folkore Evening

Madeira island Tours Folklore Evening, are held on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays with a Madeira typical menu of espetada, Fado during dinner and then Madeira Island Folklore Dance were guest are invited to join in.You don’t have to worry about finding the Typical Restaurant or Getting Back to your Madeira Hotel because it is Included in the Price 30 euros per person including drinks

Try madeira typical food with our madeira typical evening dinner.

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Transport to Levada Walks & Treks

Madeira Island Tours can provided Transport to Madeira levada Walks & Treks where we will drop you off at the beginning of the Madeira Levada Walks, and pick you up at the end. If you are coming to Madeira or you are in Madeira and you would like to do Madeira Levada Walks & hikes WITHOUT a mountain guide , then this options is for you.

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Madeira Private Tours

Madeira private tours are exactly what you need so as to avoid the typical tour itineraries and the chaos of big tour groups.Madeira Private Hire Tours take you to places and areas that big buses can’t reach and offer you the flexibility to stop anywhere, anytime for whatever reason.We are a Madeira Private Tours agency with friendly and experience tour guides, and English speaking guide drivers. We organize private tours in Madeira Island, Funchal Private, to seethe most beautiful Island in The atlantic Ocean

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Madeira Canyoning

Madeira Island offers exceptional conditions for the canyoning. Canyoning Madeira is Adventure sport were you domountainous watercourses of Madeira Island.You will overcome natures obstacles by swim, jump and do rappels. Experience Madeira canyoning with certified canyoning guide.

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Madeira Shore Excursions

Funchal Madeira cruise ship Port Trips, Madeira private tours, shore excursions on the Island of Madeira. Funchal Madeira Taxi Tours cater to your need from tailor made tours, to pre-established itineraries. If you are among those who wish to break away from the crowd and experience more personal experience,then madeira island tours for cruise ship passengers is for you. Families and children are welcomed. You’ll have your PRIVATE air conditioned Mini bus vehicle.

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Madeira Horse Riding

Horse Riding Madeira, On the back of a horse in nature is the perfect way to spend fun and relaxing day at horse riding in madeira Island. This is what you will experience with horse riding adventures. From arriving and sadding up, to cantering over a field, every moment will be a memory for a long time A horse riding in Madeira is a great way to explore the islands diverse landscape from Laurissilva Forest to the stunning views point over the northeastern part of the Island. along the Levada. Unforgettable horseback trekking through the beautiful nature of Madeira Island. We invite you to discover Madeira Horse Trekking.

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Madeira Paragling

Unforgettable experience in total safety and comfort to give you birds eye vies of the earth, one of the best sensations in the world. With a experienced local paraglider pilot,The experience begins with a briefing, giving to know local conditions, flight plan and instructions for the passenger to takeoff and landing. The flight will have a duration between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on the weather. with qualified and Local professional paragliding instructors, who can assure safe and unforgettable flights. During the flight you will be seated in a comfortable harness with 360 degree views and with breathtaking views from the air,We will be able to communicate during the flight.

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Madeira Coastering

Madeira Coastering is suitable to all ages and takes place in the warm waters of the atlantic ocean that surround Madeira island, encompassing movement along the intertidal zone on one of the most beautiful rocky coastlines of Madeira Island, several techniques are used to overcome the tour whether on foot, swimming, jumping, climbing it’s all on you, no boats, surf boards or other craft. All this is made on a very special natural reserve in Madeira’s Natural Park. If this isn’t enough for you yet, we have plenty more. We will take you to our stunning Coasteering location, right in the beautiful Natural reserve in Madeira’s .

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