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Visiting local Vineyard With Wine Tasting & Lunch & Faja dos Padres

Free: Pickup - Funchal & Canico & Camara de Lobos  |    Available : Tuesdays & Thursdays  |    Est Time : +/-7.50 hrs 140€

Vineyards in Camara de Lobos

Embarking on the Madeira Wines Route offering a unique chance to see the different areas were madeira grapes are grown,, We then Head to the Faja dos Padres

Faja dos Padres

The island of Madeira boasts an array of exceptionally stunning locations, earning it a reputation as a genuine paradise amidst the vast ocean. Fajã dos Padres stands out as a prime example, where Nature's elegance is on full display. Embark in an astonishing journey through a breathtaking cable car ride, to an untouched beach resembling a desert oasis, a delightful array of exotic fruits and vegetables to savor, and an intriguing tale waiting to be unveiled. After the visit to Faja dos Padres.

Wine Tasting at a local Vineyard and Cellar

Enjoying a guided tour through the vineyard, with professional wine culture and wine enologist at a selected winery to meet the producer and taste his wine,followed with a wine tasting and traditional tapa.
Price includes Wine tasting

Typical Lunch

Lunch at a Madeira Wine Estate" "Experience a gastronomic delight as you enjoy a lunch prepared using the freshest local ingredients at a prestigious Madeira Wine Producer's estate. Your meal will be thoughtfully paired with a selection of local wines, enhancing the flavors of a traditional Madeiran culinary experience. Discover the magic of the region's wines harmonizing with its rich, local ingredients and time-honored recipe.

North Coast Region

Following our lunch, we'll explore a captivating section of the breathtaking northern coast of the island. Here, you'll have the opportunity to admire the majestic scenery, beginning with the expansive sea views and traversing through vineyards nestled at the foot of towering slopes that ultimately lead to the flourishing Laurel forest at the summit.

Madeira Wine Lodge

Sample some of the local madeira  fortified wine, you will see huge barrels in the glass-fronted modern wine lodge Dating from 1850, the wine lodge owns the largest vineyards on the island and produces some of the best madeira fortified wines around.

Founded in 1850, the local Madeira Wine Produces has won a string of medals and awards in recent years for its attempts to dispel the fusty image of Madeira Wine

Prices for Excursions from Accommodations
Groups From 2 to 14 pax
Estimated Time : +/- 7.5 hours
140 Euros per Person
Private Tour 1 to 3 pax - 400 euros
Private Tour 4 to 8 pax - 950 euros
Payments are made directly to the guide
No Deposit Required.
No Cancellation Fee.
We can Arrange tours for Small, Medium and Large Groups on request,
Please Contact Us
You will be pick up and dropped off at your Accommodation
Price includes Wine tasting + Typical Lunch + Cable Car ride and the guide

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